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ALSHAREFSPINE Neck Pain Treatment  Clinic:

I treat all Cervical Spine Disorders e.g.:
Fractures , Deformity like Kyphosis, Tumor, Disc Herniation Cervical, Spinal Canal stenosis cervical, Cervical Myelopathy, Pathologic Fractures, C1/C2 Instability, &Degenerative Disc Disease.
 I follow the German state of the Art in the management of your Case. For none Surgical Cases we offer wide range of conservative treatments in Cooperation with excellent trained Physiotherapist team.

Surgical treatments include but not limited to:

•    Micro-Assisted ACDF-Surgeries (anterior cervical decompression and fusion), surgery from the front.

•    Posterior Cervical-Surgeries (surgeries from the back)

•    Micro-Assisted corpectomy and Vertebral body replacement (Vertebral body resection, for example, due to trauma, tumor, or OPLL, surgery from the front)

• Combined surgeries(anterior-posterior or posterior-anterior)

•    Revision surgeries by previous failed surgeries.

•    Posterior C1/C2 fixation in Harms Technique

•    Laminectomy/Foraminotomy

โ€‹•    Complex Cervical Spine Surgery and Reconstruction of Alignment 

Surgeries will be performed in best equipped hospitals and I use the most advanced Devices ( FDA and CE certified) 

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